DeFi Simplified…

  • Borrow: You can permissionlessly borrow against your crypto in lending protocols like Maker and Compound, with no paperwork or brick-and-mortar appointments required!
  • Lend: On the opposite side of borrowing, you can lend your crypto in order to earn interest. Perhaps not very profitable right now, but many other lending instruments and ideas are being added daily. The infrastructure is here to stay, sky is not a even the limit.
  • Liquidity Provider: DeFi applications allows you to become a liquidity provider and earn fees of up to 20% in the process. The most popular LP protocols at the moment are Uniswap and Sushiswap.
  • Yield Farming: It involves lending out cryptos via DeFi protocols in order to earn fixed or variable interest. The rewards can be greater than traditional investments, but in the crypto volatile market, the risks are enormous.
  • Buy/Trade NFTs: Im sure by now, you have heard of the craze around NFTs. DeFi has made the minting of assets (i.e art, photos, sports moments) possible as well as the trading of these NFTs.
  • Cash Out: If you decide to be out of the game, or need to turn some of your crypto into fiat. Then DeFi platforms can assist you very easily to cash out.



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